All About Phyllis

Phyllis Martin creates “Digital Magic” captivating “Timeless Moments With Just One Click”. A connoisseur of lifestyle photography, Phyllis is known for her “Don’t Pose” unscripted photography shots in which a person’s next movement can become their next memorable moment.

A former Interior Designer, her introduction to photography began as a prerequisite for her major in college while studying Architectural Engineering in Nashville, TN. What began as a prerequisite developed into a beautiful love affair behind the lens of the camera, capturing the unequivocal beauty in life.

Phyllis’s husband David is her greatest inspirer, together they would drive cross country intentionally so Phyllis could continuously capture images of landscapes, and historical architecture in addition to capturing the expressions of interesting people, places, and things.

While on Safari, with her longtime friend Stephanie V., Phyllis passionately seized the beauty of South Africa through her lens, and mystically stopped moments in time, thenceforth making this the thrusting force that propelled Phyllis’s passion into her purposeful career P.M. Digital Services.